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Determining the Current OSRS Client Version - A technique to determine the current OSRS client version without deobfuscating

A while ago I wrote an article that outlined how to Determine OSRS Cache Version using RuneLite. The purpose of the article was that I wanted to know: Which versi...

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Building RuneLite on the Terminal using Maven - A tutorial of how to build and run the RuneLite client on Ubuntu Linux using the mvn command.

For a while now, I have been casually working with the RuneLite project. Mostly I write plugins for extracting or gathering data from Old School RuneScape (OSRS)....

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Portable OSRS: Running RuneLite or the Official Client on a USB Flash Drive - A tutorial for a completely portable JRE and OSRS client on a USB flash drive

This post is a documented journey about creating a completely portable version of OSRS that can be played from a USB flash drive. When embarking on this project I...

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Installing the Official OSRS Client on Ubuntu Linux - A tutorial covering how to download, run and install the Official OSRS Client on Ubuntu Linux 18.04

This post documents how I downloaded, installed and run the official OSRS client on a fresh Ubuntu Desktop Linux version 18.04 system. I generally use the RuneLit...

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