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A (not-so-epic) back story...


Hello fellow scaper! Just in-case people were wondering about me, this web site, or the backstory about why I am fasinated about OSRS - Here is the story…

I started playing RuneScape in around 2004. Like most other players I had no idea what I was doing at the time… it was an exciting journey. I quit around 2006, this was around when the Hunter skill was released and I lost interest in the game - mainly due to the direction it was headed in. I never played post-EOC, and only briefly saw the HD update that was released in 2008. I pretty much quit and started playing World of Warcraft, until I gave up video games in 2010-ish as it took up too much of my time and I wanted to focus on postgraduate study.

I was completely video game free until mid-2016 when, out-of-the-blue, I discovered that Old School had been relesed. I was so out-of-the-loop that I only found out about Old School when reading an article on Ars Technica entitled: From MUD to MMOG: The making of RuneScape. I then watched the video entitled RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 - 2015 by MotePlox. I couldn’t believe one of my all-time favourite games had been re-released, from a time long ago, when I loved it. I tried to take it easy, but I was hooked… again!

What is OSRSBox?

This website is a labour of love! After getting back into RuneScape, I found myself writing lots of weird and wacky software, and scraping lots of data. I had been doing this for about a year when I realized I wanted to share some of my projects and knowledge I had gained with the community. A really useful advantage, I always forget how I do things, and this website is a great way for me to look back on my own notes.

OSRSBox is also a GitHub repository that hosts a variety of projects with software tools, and data. I have a project, named osrsbox-db that provides an item database available from a JSON API, as well as a Python package. There are also a variety of other resources and projects… Feel free to have a look at the GitHub repositories I am working on.

There are also some things that OSRSBox is not! I am in no way affiliated with JaGeX. I am not a RuneLite developer (or even contributor), but they have an amazing, flexible Old School client and I love using for different projects. That is why I have so many posts with information about RuneLite.