OSRSBox | Projects

A collection of projects for Old School RuneScape enthusiasts

osrsbox-db: An OSRS Item Database Available via a JSON API or Python API - Get OSRS Items in JSON Format

A database of Old School Runescape (OSRS) items in JSON format available via a JSON API or used in a Python package. This project provides access to metadata about every OSRS item in the game! Receive data about items including name, alch values, examine text, and combat bonuses.

osrsbox-tooltips: OSRS Tool Tips Project - Display a Tool Tip for OSRS Items on Mouse Hover

This project provides the code (JavaScript and CSS) required to implement simple tool tips for OSRS items. When configured for a website a user can hover over an item name and a tool tip will appear that provides information about the item. This project uses the OSRSBox Item Database JSON API to populate information dynamically about items.