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Greetings everyone! This is the first blog post for the OSRSBox website. The OSRSBox project is something that I have been working on for a long time. I initially released this website in a ridiculously half-finished state and continued working on some of the tools and projects. I have now tidied all the projects, tools and code to result in a (hopefully!) polished final product.

Currently, I have a collection of different projects and online tools that are related to OSRS. A very brief summary is provided below, with links to the actual pages on this site describing each in more detail. However, there is always more to do! And I have a variety of tools and projects that I am currently working on.

OSRSBox Database

The OSRSBox Item Database project, or osrsbox-db for short is a database of Old School Runescape (OSRS) items in JSON format with accompanying icon images in PNG format. A database is probably a bad name, as it not technically a database… rather it is a RESTful API. I named its database, as it provides a good indication of what it does, and people who are not die-hard computer geeks probably don’t know what a RESTful API is.

Basically, osrsbox-db stores information about OSRS items in individual files in JSON format. For example, this link provides direct access to the 12453.json file, which holds metadata about the Black wizard hat (g) item. In OSRS, the ID number 12453 is unique to the Black wizard hat (g). This is why the item ID is utilized in the database for fetching all item information.

OSRSBox Tooltips

The OSRSBox ToolTips project, or osrsbox-tooltips for short is the primary reason I created the OSRSBox Item Database project. The idea originally came from World of Warcraft (WOW) tooltips - primarily the WOWhead tooltips that are used on the WOWhead website and other WOW fan sites. You can see a more thorough working demo of WOWhead tooltips here.

There was no project like this for OSRS and I thought it might be pretty cool to have tooltips for OSRS items. The tooltips are populated with content by querying the osrsbox-db and dynamically generating the tooltip information. For example, check out the lovely [Ancestral robe top] and their stats!

Fight Caves Spawn Predictor

The Fight Caves Spawn Predictor was the first tool I wrote for OSRS. The Fight Caves spawn predictor will map the entire fight caves mob rotation - when and where each and every mob spawn. Simply input the location of the first two/three waves of the fight caves and you will get a full, interactive map of your future fight caves experience.

Watch out for my next blog post on the background information and process I went through to write my first OSRS tool: the Fight Caves Spawn Predictor. Please feel free to add comments if you have anything to share or have any feedback on any of my tools or projects. Thanks!


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