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Using the OSRSBox Item Database Python API - A tutorial covering how to use the Python API to query OSRS items

This post presents a quick introduction to the Python API that I have authored for my OSRSBox Item Database. The database contains every item in Old School RuneSc...

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Watercooler: PlayerScraper - A RuneLite Plugin to Dump Player Equipment - Development Discussion of an Unusual RuneLite Plugin that Scrapes Player Equipment

This post discusses the development process of a strange RuneLite plugin I authored to scrape players! Say what?! Simply put, the plugin scans a specific player a...

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WaterCooler: New OSRS Item ID Search Tool - Creating an OSRS Item ID and Item Name Search Tool

This post discusses a collection of new tools that I recently wrote and released on OSRSBox (website and GitHub). The OSRS Item Search tool is a web-based applica...

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Writing a Fight Caves Spawn Predictor - Visually map every mob in the Fight Caves, including Jad!

This post documents the Fight Caves Spawn Predictor tool I wrote for graphically mapping every monster spawn in the OSRS Fight Caves mini-game. An animated GIF is...

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