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Data is Beautiful: A Six-Year Analysis of the OSRS Reddit (/r/2007scape) - A historical, statistical analysis of six years of data from the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) subreddit

Love it or hate it - the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) subreddit in the life of the party! Since the OSRS release, the /r/2007scape subreddit has been the dominant ...

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Portable OSRS: Running RuneLite or the Official Client on a USB Flash Drive - A tutorial for a completely portable JRE and OSRS client on a USB flash drive

This post is a documented journey about creating a completely portable version of OSRS that can be played from a USB flash drive. When embarking on this project I...

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Installing the Official OSRS Client on Ubuntu Linux - A tutorial covering how to download, run and install the Official OSRS Client on Ubuntu Linux 18.04

This post documents how I downloaded, installed and run the official OSRS client on a fresh Ubuntu Desktop Linux version 18.04 system. I generally use the RuneLit...

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Calculating Melee Damage per Second (DPS) in OSRS - A walkthrough example of how to calculate Melee DPS with a detailed discussion of the combat formulas used

This post discusses and provides an example of how to calculate Damage per Second (DPS) for a typical melee equipment setup. For a long time, I have been interest...

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Writing RuneLite Plugins - Part 4 - Creating a Simple Overlay Plugin

This post discusses and provides code examples of how to author a simple RuneLite plugin with an overlay. This post is part of a series about writing RuneLite plu...

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Extracting and Converting OSRS Models (Easy Method) - The easy method to extract and convert OSRS models

A few days ago I wrote a post about Extracting and Converting OSRS Models. The post went into detail including the background research, overview of a new tool I h...

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Extracting and Converting OSRS Models - Documentation about how to extract and convert OSRS models for 3D modeling or 3D printing

This post discusses and outlines how to extract 3D models from the OSRS cache, then convert the extracted models to a different file format to allow you to open t...

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Using the OSRSBox Item Database Python API - A tutorial covering how to use the Python API to query OSRS items

This post presents a quick introduction to the Python API that I have authored for my OSRSBox Item Database. The database contains every item in Old School RuneSc...

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Watercooler: PlayerScraper - A RuneLite Plugin to Dump Player Equipment - Development Discussion of an Unusual RuneLite Plugin that Scrapes Player Equipment

This post discusses the development process of a strange RuneLite plugin I authored to scrape players! Say what?! Simply put, the plugin scans a specific player a...

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Data is Beautiful: Analysis of Bank Standing Equipment - An analysis of 20,000 players and their bank standing equipment

This post discusses an analysis of the equipment of 20,000 Old School RuneScape players who were bank standing at the Grand Exchange. If you are interested in the...

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